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    Pellet Stoves & Wood Boilers

    Stathis at Heating!

    Stathis Ceramica at Heating!

StathisCeramica NOW gives you the solution in Heating too!

For unsurpassed economy and efficiency…

The Stathis Ceramica is ready to listen to the needs and requirements of each customer and always with the possibilities of its space to offer alternative heating solutions in addition to those of fossil fuels while trying to make heating more economical and more environmentally friendly.



Boilers for unsurpassed economy and efficiency…

After careful research in the heating market we managed to gather a group of the best suppliers and installers in the various alternative forms of heating and with them we created a capable set which following the steps of study and research is able to give the customer what really needed in the heating sector.

At Stathis Ceramica we give a written guarantee ...

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